Chris Paul’s Overprotective Parent, the NBA

By Wyatt Massey

"But Mom, I'm twenty-six years old! I think I can make decisions for myself."

Chris Paul, highlighted as one of the best young stars in the league has been nothing short of sheltered by the NBA. As the New Orleans Hornets, Paul’s current team, have looked to trade Paul to a number of teams, the hold up has become glaringly obvious: the NBA owns the Hornets. The owners the NBA have nixed several trade proposals for the talented guard, and now, reportedly, have the asking price for Paul set at an insurmountable figure.

Most recently, a deal that would have sent Paul to the Los Angeles Lakers, Pau Gasol to the Houston Rockets and Lamar Odom to the Hornets was denied by the NBA because “the team was better served with Chris in a Hornets uniform than by the outcome of the terms of that trade,” said NBA Commissioner David Stern, in a statement released to the public. When another team, the Los Angeles Clippers, contacted the Hornets’ front office in hope of acquiring the All-Star point guard for themselves the deal again fell through when the NBA has turned down the Clippers’ proposal, unless the deal included third year shooting guard Eric Gordon. For the Clippers that price was far too high, a theme that has continually been associated with anyone inquiring about acquiring Paul.

Making it out of New Orleans has now become a mission even Jack Bauer can’t accomplish. Why? Because the NBA has become that overprotective parent. Yes, you heard right, the NBA is THAT parent. Rather than appeasing their child, the NBA has chosen to restrict where he can go, whom he can date/be with, and are constantly hovering over every action that goes on his life. Soon it might be reported that the NBA has given Chris Paul a 10pm curfew, or has forced him to eat ALL of his vegetables before dessert. Sounds ridiculous, but at this point it seems possible.

There is little Chris Paul can do now, but watch his parents ruin his life.

National Basketball Association, I know it may be hard, but you need to let Chris Paul go. Let him spread his wings, you can’t protect him forever. Let him live his life, and don’t hover. Your sheltering is helping no one NBA, it’s time to let your little flower blossom. Just don’t trade him to the Lakers, or the Heat. You’re welcome world.

Long live Birdman. Massey out.

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