Ghost of Elvis spotted at Justin Bieber concert

It was a brisk January night in St. George, Utah when music fans and ecstatic girls packed into the concert hall to see pop star Justin Bieber perform. As the concert began it become all the more clear though that there was a special visitor among the crowd, who was there to see the young Bieber perform. The visitor was none other than the ghost of Elvis Presley.

Elvis’ ghost has made several other public appearances in the past, but those were to witness historic events such as: the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, Nelson Mandela’s election as South Africa’s president, and when the St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl in 2000. (Since his death in 1977 Elvis has become an avid Rams fan). This was, however, the first time the ghost has come to see a musical performance.

It is theorized that Elvis’ ghost cannot rest until music is saved, but it seems he will be in turmoil for even longer with the rise of artists like Bieber. The ghost denied comment about what he thought of the concert, but he appeared visibly shaken after an entire performance and minimal hip gyrations.

Massey out.

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