Pinterest Leads to More Distractions, Increased Procrastination

Pinterest, the social-networking/photo-sharing website that seems to be taking the internet by storm may be doing more than sharing ideas. Recent research, by the University of Jonesdale, revealed that users of Pinterest actually procrastinated more than non-users. Shocking results for a site that is supposed to increase creativity and share interesting ideas.

The tests were conducted over several weeks, with the test group being subjected to several free hours a day to peruse Pinterest, on top of attending either college, or working at a part time job. The research group showed increased ability to be distracted and even less creativity when it came to Pinterest topics like decorating, cooking, crafts, and taking cute pictures of a baby or pet.

“Shockingly there were several photographers in the group, and their work took a nasty turn from interesting to strange,” said Greg Daulman, a research assistant on the team. “Suddenly all of the photographs taken were blurry and poorly shot. This resulted from her taking little care in capturing moments because she was too busy running back to her computer to check Pinterest.”

Results like these were across the board. As the weeks continued the usage of the site skyrocketed amongst the test subjects and soon the only phrases they could mutter were, “Aww that’s cute” or “that’s so cool, I should do that.” Unfortunately “that” never happened because the users did not complete the ideas they saw on Pinterest because they were too busying scrolling on Pinterest.

The backwards logic created by the site baffled the research team, and they are set to divulge into their information further. As it stands now they advise to avoid Pinterest at all costs, because it is clearly a website that creates sappy, scrolling computer zombies.

Massey out.

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