North Korea to Stop Nuclear Program…for Sandwich

As reported earlier this morning by CNN North Korea has stopped its nuclear program in order to receive food. The aid will come with the stopping of nuclear tests, long-range missile launches, and all enrichment processes at North Korea’s Yongbyon plant.

What is becoming even more clear is that North Korea’s leader, King Jong Un has realized that enriching uranium is not as tasty as a hoagie. Since he took power on December 30, 2011 King Jong Un has reportedly been looking into ways to use the enriched uranium to feed both himself and his people, but after boiling, broasting, deep-frying, and grilled attempts it appears he has given up.

Looking for foreign aid has now become his only means of obtaining food, but in order to do so he was forced to stop the Yongbyon nuclear program. Though upset, for now he seems content with his sandwich.

Massey out.

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5 thoughts on “North Korea to Stop Nuclear Program…for Sandwich

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