Man Found Not Guilty After Using “It Was My Evil Twin” Defense

Duffington may have hit a new low in terms of judicial legitimacy. Friday, following several weeks of court hearings, Harold Jenkins was found not guilty of several counts of armed robbery. Jenkins was charged with the crimes after being the only suspect Duffington police apprehended. The prosecution claimed Jenkins had in fact robbed Duffington’s Stop-N-Wait-N-Go on January 21st, citing several witnesses and camera footage as their evidence.

The license plate number of the getaway vehicle was a perfect match to Jenkins’ Honda Civic, and the video footage clearly showed the robber wearing the same exact outfit as Jenkins the day he was arrested. Despite the mound of evidence against him Jenkins chose to plead not guilty before and judge and begin the judicial process. What followed were several weeks of obvious and insinuating evidence against him, but Jenkins remained strong in his case that he was innocent and the robber was in fact his evil twin.

During the hearings Jenkins also cited the video footage as evidence of his innocence, claiming that during several of the shots you could see that the ‘man who looked very similar’ to Jenkins had a twirled mustache, proof enough that the robber was not Jenkins at all. This laughable piece of evidence as enough to sway the jury into siding with the defense, and they eventually found Jenkins to be ‘not guilty.’

The confusing element of this entire case is that Harold Jenkins is an only child. There is no birth certificate or documentation of any twin of Jenkins, and his parents agree, stating that “it’s ridiculous to even believe that we had two children.” Despite this, Jenkins will remain a free man. A free man who apparently has an evil twin on the loose.

Massey out.

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