Peyton Manning Released From Oreo Licking Team

Peyton Manning, the recently released quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts, has hit a new low. Forced to sit out the 2011-2012 NFL season due to a neck injury the Indianapolis Colts released him today, primarily for the reason that the team will be drafting a new quarterback with their upcoming #1 pick in the 2012 draft.

That was not the worst part of the day for Peyton though. Shortly after his press conference confirming his free agency Manning received a text from F. Ross Johnson, Nabisco’s CEO, who told Manning that he has also been released from the Double Stuf Oreo Licking team.

In a statement released just this afternoon Johnson stated that the Nabisco company believed that “Peyton was not the best option going forward.” Also that “the Nabisco team will shift their advertising campaign to Eli Manning.”

Eli is of course Peyton’s younger brother, who remains on a hot streak following his recent Super Bowl win. Peyton could not be reached for comment about either the Colts or Nabisco situation, though neighbors of Peyton said they spotted him entering his house with multiple grocery bags of Keebler brand cookies.

Massey out.

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