Lead Singer of Journey Denies Allegations That He ‘Stopped Believin”

Journey, the world famous American rock band, shook off questions from reporters Tuesday pertaining to their lead singer, Neal Schon. Schon, who had been photographed lazily sitting on his coach over the weekend, has been the center of a new rock band scandal in which media outlets are stating that Schon has “Stopped Believin’.”

Other members of Journey’s band refused to state the status of Schon’s motivation in terms of his beliefs, but they stated that they plan to meet with Schon in the coming days to ‘iron things out.’ When and where this meeting will take place was not disclosed, but using illegal wire-tapping technology the media expects to find out soon.

Schon, pictured above, may be holding the fate of the world in his hands, along with that guitar.

If Schon did in fact stop believing the consequences could be dire. Economist Dave Hibbert projects that another recession would follow, even going as far as to say “When a man of (Schon’s) stature stops believin’ we as Americans stop believing. If that were to happen, prepare for another Great Depression.”

As frightening as that may seem, it appears all factors are leaning towards the idea that Neal Schon never stopped believing, and that he is in fact holding on to that feeling. Massey out.

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