Lawsuit Filed by Cubicle Mate For “Pain/Suffering” Following Flatulence Episode

For longtime office worker Harriet Barnsworth, having a cubicle partner has never been at the top of her list. In fact, most office workers find having another person working within the same cubicle annoying, distracting, or just downright awkward. However, Barnsworth’s recent experience may top all in terms of disgusting/awkward cubicle partner relationships.

Monday, following a long weekend which included a variety of spicy food and wings, Barnsworth’s cubicle mate, Gregory Tymm, took the pleasure of filling the confined space with the potent aroma of his flatulence. Helpless in the situation Barnsworth quickly shoulder-rolled out of her office chair and into the walk space. Avoiding the ever-growing stink cloud she successfully made it out of the building, suffering only minor cuts and bruises.

In retaliation Barnsworth announced to her employers that she would indeed by filing a lawsuit against Tymm for what she is citing as “pain and suffering due to the flatulence episode” which was produced by Tymm. The hearing for the case is scheduled for next Wednesday, though Tymm’s lawyers have not released a statement about which grounds they plan to defend their client on.

Co-workers of both Barnsworth and Tymm were questioned, many of them siding with Barnsworth in regard to the poor working conditions that Tymm manufactures. As one employee put it, “Thank god someone is standing up to that fart-filled freak.” Tymm, visibly hurt by the statement is expected to gorge on Cajun food and Taco Bell the night before the hearing.

Massey out.

3 thoughts on “Lawsuit Filed by Cubicle Mate For “Pain/Suffering” Following Flatulence Episode

  1. Will Tymm be blamed in the future for all gas eruptions at this office? I am afraid he is going to be the scapegoat from now on. The company made need to get a gas DNA instrument to find the true owner.

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