Russia may or may not Have Possibly Sent Troops to Syria Possibly



If you take a look at the article here, it has broken yesterday that the Russian Army may be in Syria, aiding the Assad regime.  The question that I have about this: why are ABC and Fox News (haha Fox News… that’s funny) the only news sources that have covered this (Or rather, the only two I’ve seen)?  It doesn’t make a whole lot of sence to me; why is this not on BBC, the New York Times, or anywhere else?  And furthermore, it is HIDDEN.  Even on ABC and Fox, it’s still quite difficult to find.  It isn’t on the front page like it should be, you have to dig for it.  Which begs the question that I and anyone else that has seen this is thinking: What the hell?

Whether or not it turns out the Russians are helping Al-Assad, you have to agree with one thing. What a jerk, to put it lightly.

I’ve been thinking about it, though, and it has finally hit me.  [conspiracytheory]  What if the Russian government is trying to keep it quiet?  The article says they only released it on their arab-language cites.  And furthermore, Syria has supposedly said that the Russians don’t have troops in their country, and that this report is all a load of garbage.  Perhaps this was the Russians’ condition to sending in troops?  It can’t be that hard to give Russian troops Syrian uniforms, can it?  And I’m sure Russia has enough $$$ to make sure the big 3 (CNN, BBC, NY Times) hold off on posting the story for a bit.  In that respect, it makes sence that the small stations like ABC and Fox would have it posted, and the big ones would not. [/conspiracytheory]

I just lost so much respect for myself after that…  Wow.

But think about it for a minute.  If it turns out that none of this happened at all, imagine what a conspiracy theory magnet this will make in 10-20 years?  I mean, some people still think we faked the moon landing, how’s this any different?

I am quite the avid fan of conspiracy theories. Hey, speaking of which, have any of you seen Arlington Road? Great movie, I'd recommend it to anyone. Just a side note there.

Seriously, though, either this is fake, or else I’m going to go off the wall on this one.  Why isn’t this all over the news??? THIS IS MADNESS!!!!!  I mean, come on, Fox may be biased horribly, but an article about Syria hardly has room for bias on either side.  Furthermore, ABC may not be a massive network like BBC or CNN, but they aren’t some tiny little network, either.  Something larger has to be at play here, and I’m going to figure out what it is.

Time to dust off the ol’ magnifying glass and do a whole bunch of other detective-cliche-style things.  This just got real (or fake, we’ll soon see).

Keep it classy.


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