Why the Hell do we do This??? (Rants by Nathan Howell)

So, I was sitting around in class yesterday (or some day, I don’t know when I’m going to be putting this up).  The topic was military spending in the US.  Now, granted, I’m in favor of defending my homeland as much as the next guy, but there are some things that I find extremely wasteful.  So, now you all get to get an earful (or, I guess it’s a eyeful?  Whatever) from me, aka the most qualified person in the world to judge US spending policies, on why weapons that can be used once, only to EXPLODE, should NEVER cost $1.3 billion USD.

That may look like a plane, but you better hope it doesn't crash in your neighborhood...

I am referring to the Tomahawk Cruise Missile.  One missile costs $1.3 billion (yes, with a “b”).  Just think for a second.  What could you do with $1.3 billion dollars?  I know I could use that money to kick start quite a few of my shenanigans, but I digress.  You know, I wouldn’t even be opposed to using that money to buy the military weapons that DIDN’T EXPLODE!!!  Why don’t you give that a shot, Washington?  A Destroyer costs only $1 billion USD, and that doesn’t go up in flames after it does it’s job.  The government can use it again, and again, and again, and they don’t need to build a new missile every time they want to pick a new target to blow up.  Ok, I guess they could try to reuse a cruise missile, but I don’t know how much good a pile of ash would do as a weapon.

And BOOM goes the dynamite...

I mean, if you really need one-shot weapons (and I’ll admit that there are cases in which that would be the best way), why do they have to cost so much?  Couldn’t you go shopping at your local Dollar General and find something, oh I don’t know, CHEAPER???  There’s got to be a way to build a missile for less than it costs to build an entire SHIP!

Come on, US, you’re better than that.

Highly irritated, and not letting go of this until they FIX IT.


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