Time-Traveling 50s Swingers Appear in Dance Club

Yahtzee, the New York dance club, had more than its fair share of vintage Monday night when two time-traveling swingers from the 1950s appeared on its dance floor. Ralph Herman and Sandy Manson, the two swingers pictured above, stated that they were attending the annual New York “Sock Hop” in 1956 when suddenly, through no fault of their own, their crazy dancing abilities propelled them through time and space to appear in Yahtzee.

The arrival shocked attendees of the dance club, causing more questions than answers that night. Ralph and Sandy were quickly taken into custody by the American government, who whisked them away in unmarked vans. The responsible department denied comment, but attendees got a full view of the time-travelers’ arrival.

“I was halfway through a hardcore session of grinding on a girl who wasn’t into me when they appeared,” said Greg Johnson, an onlooker and Yahtzee regular. “There was a large flash and I thought a strobe light had blown out, but when I looked all I saw was two people in the middle of the dance floor who were doing some hipster form of twist. And they were in black and white.”

It is true that when Ralph and Sandy appear in 2012 they were in black and white, a weird side story that has left scientists and wannabe mystery-solvers perplexed. The fact that they were black and white only bolstered the ignorant population’s belief that life was in black and white before the invention of color television and film.

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