Chris James


My name is Chris James. That’s right, THE Chris James. You’ve never heard of me? Okay….That just saddens me a bit, but I suppose I can live with that.

On the off-chance that you’ve heard of me, chances are that you know a good bit about me. Or you’re a stalker. But I digress. I’m currently¬†a freshman at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater and I am a close friend to Wyatt Massey, the genius behind News4Mass. I am now one of the contributors and the editor, but one day I aspire to be promoted to CEO of Foreign Affairs and Good Tasting Donuts. But again, I digress. In my free time (when it exists) I like to run, read, and, above all else, sing. All the time. Seriously, I’ve been told that I do it in my sleep. Okay, not really. But I do love to spend my free time singing, whether I’m singing for a concert or just singing to myself (or serenading my RA, Emily). I also firmly believe that sometimes you need to get out of your comfort zone. However, I don’t have one of those. I just like to do what I do when I do and not worry what people think about me. This has led to some really awkward situations, but hey, it happens.

So what am I doing contributing to a blog? Like good Sir Massey, I like to make people laugh. And I feel as though living in college has given me a new perspective on life that I can make fun of and use to bring joy to your life. Anyways, enjoy what I have to say!

To see all of my articles click on the following link:

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