M.C. Martel

Located in an underground bunker somewhere in the United States, M.C. Martel offers a wide array of insight and prestige to the News4Mass blog. With a storied background in world travel and success, M.C. Martel is the perfect candidate to relay only the best news to you, the reader.

However, M.C. Martel is too humble to write about his accomplishments and would rather you see his brilliant work and marvel in the wake of his explosive writing style. So ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the man, the legend, M.C. Martel.

-Wyatt Massey

To see all of M.C. Martel’s articles click on the following link:


3 thoughts on “M.C. Martel

  1. M.C. Martel ran over my dog 4 years ago… Bet you thought that I would find you Mr. Martel, but you were WRONG! And now that I have found you… In the confines of a … I… I… I lost my train of thought.

    • In my drunken rage rambling I failed to proof read my rant. Replace the “would” with a “wouldn’t” in the sentence “… would find you…”.
      PS: something in your room has been in the toilet.

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