Reid Zanoya

My name is Reid Philip Zanoya. Perhaps you’ve heard of me? Just say my name out loud. Now say it again, this time a little more slowly. Doesn’t it feel good? Don’t you just love the way it rolls off of your tongue? The way the words flow so smoothly. By now you’re more than likely in a sense of tranquility. Don’t worry, there’s nothing wrong with you. I just have that effect on people. Maybe it’s my luscious flowing brunette locks of beautiful hair. Perhaps it’s my ruggedly handsome face. It might even be my sweet and sexy voice. Who knows? It’s one of life’s mysteries.

So I bet you’d like to know a little about me! Well, I don’t blame you! I’m kind of a big deal.
I live an interesting and rather sophisticated life. I like to drink my beverages with my pinky out and I’ve been known to wear sweaters from time to time. I am currently a student at the University of Wisconsin in Oshkosh. I am double majoring in Radio/TV/Film and Theater (with an emphasis in acting). I’m also a member of the track team.

You may be wondering what part I play in this website? Well, I’ve been told that I occasionally ramble about all sorts of nonsense. And apparently my nonsensical ramblings bring joy to many. So I figured why not type them up and share them with the world? Thankfully Mr. Massey has given me the opportunity to do so and I am so very grateful. I hope you enjoy my contributions to News4Mass.

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